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                      Punk History Canada Presents - Only in Canada, Eh (77-81) Vol. 1.

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                      Review of PHC CD in Scram 22
                      From Scram - issue 22V/A Only in Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume One ...
                      Memorial Page
                      We would like to warn anyone who reads this page, you may find ...
                      Review of PHC Compilation in The Pandemonium Project
                      Punk History Canada presents Only in Canada Eh (77-81) ...
             :: Live Fast, Die Young: Is Punk History Up in Flames? by Andrew Pearson
                      From TheTyee.comLive Fast, Die Young: Is Punk History Up in Flames?Music ...
                      ‘TORONTO�PUNK ROCK All-Stars with THE SCREWED @ The Horseshoe. THURSDAY JUNE 29, 2006
                      ‘TORONTO�PUNK ROCK All-Stars with THE SCREWED @ The Horseshoe. ...
                      Press release: THE RETURN OF THE LAST POGO
                      THE DAY THE MOVEMENT DIED: DECEMBER 1, 1978WERE YOU THERE? ...
                      Mention of Punk History Canada in Thunderbay's Spot (The rebirth of The Negatives (Wednesday, Jan 25, 2006))

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